Influencer Marketing For Instagram

Influencer Marketing For Instagram

Influencer marketing for Instagram 

Adopting Instagram influencer campaigns as part of your marketing strategy could be the quickest way to effectively reach your target audience, grow your customer base, and convert enthusiasts to repeat clients. However, not everyone can successfully organize such a campaign and deliver excellent results. 

If you’ve been considering using influencer marketing for Instagram to promote your brand, working with a trusted Instagram influencer agency like Shirley would be the smart option. Over the years, we have helped countless brands improve their visibility and revenue, and we have no doubt we can do the same for yours. 

What to expect when you hire Shirley for influencer marketing 

At Shirley, our easy-to-use influencer marketing for Instagram software automates the process of organizing and coordinating your influencer marketing campaign in 20020. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get by working with us: 

Keep track of influencers in a central platform 

More brands have realized the benefits of working with micro- and nano- influencers rather than hiring only the top influencers on Instagram. If you’re to work with many influencers effectively, however, you need a system that can help you keep track of the progress of each of them. Our software allows you to do just that. You can also invite influencers to join your campaign with a link or upload them all in bulk. 

Specify what your influencers need to do 

Setting up your influencer marketing campaign couldn’t be easier. In just a few clicks, you can assign specific tasks to influencers and organize what each one of them has to do. The avenue for clear communication of campaign requirements ensures there are no mixed signals – a common problem with working with multiple influencers. 

Remind influencers when they don’t post 

Our campaign automation also involves triggering emails based on what your influencers do or do not do. You do not have to personally monitor the pages of your influencers on Instagram to see if they have completed their task or not. Our software easily helps you with that, plus it assists in sending automated reminders that go a long way in holding everyone accountable. 

Schedule shipments

The success of many campaigns depends on how efficiently your company can get the products across to influencers. When you use our influencer marketing for Instagram software, you can schedule and monitor product shipments from one central location. Our software also allows you to connect Shopify to import products, create orders, and manage discount codes. 

Monitor your campaign’s profitability

The cost of Instagram influencer marketing could be enough to put off most brands. But when you know you can recoup huge returns on your investment, you’re more likely to readily part with the cash. Our influencer agency for Instagram generates timely reports that provide useful insights into the profitability of your campaign. You’ll get to know the individual stats of each influencer, and, that way, you’re better able to make informed decisions. 

You don’t need thousands of dollars to cash in! 

A lot of small businesses feel influencer marketing for Instagram is out of their reach due to their limited budget. If you belong to that category, you’d be glad to know that more businesses are going the way of micro- and nano-influencers as opposed to targeting the big guns. Our Instagram influencer marketing agency can help you organize a campaign that’ll suit your budget. Schedule a 30-min walkthrough to discuss your needs with an expert and to see what we do and if it would benefit you